Categorie: Watch Photography

Watch Photography in General

Watch photography is a little bit more difficult in comparison to product photography in general. This is because of the shiny finish of the watch cases and the shape of them, you will see every tiny piece of dust, dirt of fingerprint on the case. Besides that you will have reflections in your watch case if..

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Composition for Watch Photography

In many cases just a picture of a watch and a simple background can be a little bit boring. Try to find some objects to make a nice composition with your watch. In this case I have a vintage Omega Geneve Automatic; because it is a vintage watch I like to add some ‘vintage’ objects..

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Macro Photography on Watches

Macro Photography on watches can be used to photograph specific parts of your watch. As you can see in this image, I used macro photography to make a close up photo from the dial of my Omega Seamaster Professional 200M (pre-bond). The most important thing is you will need a macro lens or as in my case..

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